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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Smores craving

I have a horrible weakness.  It’s food.  Not just sweets, or savory, or salty.  Any food.  I will eat almost anything.  I do enjoy sweets.  Ice cream and s’mores are my biggest weakness when I get a sweet tooth.  Today I had neither.  However, I did have a jar of mini marshmallows, a little bit of graham cracker crumbs, and part of a large Hershey bar.

I could have just eaten the chocolate bar, but what fun is that?  Chocolate by itself does not appeal to me.  It’s not pure and I don’t enjoy the aftertaste.  I had the ingredients, so why not make something ‘s’more-y’?

First I just melted a bit of chocolate and dipped the marshmallows into the chocolate and graham crumbs.  This was yummy, but very slow.  They got eaten faster than the chocolate could dry.  The kids enjoyed dipping the marshmallows and instantly eating them as well. 

This was going way too slow for my taste buds.

So, I lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper, poured out the rest of the marshmallows onto the paper, drizzled the remaining chocolate over top and popped it in the oven (broil) for about 2 minutes.  When I saw the marshmallows just starting to brown, I took out the cookie sheet and sprinkled the rest of the graham cracker crumbs over top.

Armed with spoons, this dessert didn't stand a chance with 4 drooling mouths instantly surrounding the hot cookie sheet.

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