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Monday, December 28, 2015

Caprese bites

Caprese Bites

A simple appetizer for any day.  My kiddos love these with lunch, or even a birthday party.  I also make them as a quick snack when we have company.


Tiny tomatoes (grape or cherry)
Mozzarella cheese (cheese sticks, cubes, or a block) - cut into cubes

This time I used bagged spinach - I don't like it.  The leaves are too small.  Also, I have been known to just use string cheese instead of a block when I am in a pinch.

Take a leaf or two and put the toothpick through the end

Spear your tomato

Add the cheese

You can make a bunch of these pretty quick.  This is also a job I often give my 10 yo.

Change it up!

Instead of wrapping the spinach (if you can't find large leaves, or if you have a little helper), just stack it.

Also, if you can find pretzel sticks (couldn't find those either this time!) use those for small people.  I don't like giving children (or boys!) toothpicks.  They get turned into swords too fast.  A pretzel stick is just an edible toothpick here :)  


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