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Monday, January 18, 2016

Caprese Dip

I love food.  Dip is a favorite in my house because it is so easy to make and easy to customize for each person, if you want to make it more than once.  I caprese bites are a favorite appetizer in our house.  So easy and quick to make.  It's not uncommon to make them just because there are cherry tomatoes in the garden!

Making this dip is just as easy as making caprese bites.  This is yummy in the winter when I want something warm, and it's so much healthier than Velveeta dip with Rotel (velveeta is not good for you, but yum!)  

One thing I love about this is - you can't mess it up!  If I have a lot of basil growing, I add a little more in.  I'm not supposed to eat tomatoes (allergy), so I can put in a few.  If there are a lot in the garden, I put in a few extra.  If there are NO tomatoes in the garden (darn birds and dogs), we can buy a couple of romas, one big one, or a package of cherry tomatoes.  Just try to keep a bit of the juice and seeds out.

Caprese Dip

1 lb mozzarella cheese
A handful of fresh basil (10-12 leaves or so)
Fresh cherry tomatoes (8-10)

Dice the mozzarella and basil.  Chop your tomatoes and keep out some of the seeds and juice.  Throw everything in an oven safe dish and pop it in at 350 for about 8-10 minuets.  When the cheese is hot and bubbly, pull it out and eat it.  This dip is bet hot and won't last long!

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