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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Car Accident with foster children

One day I would like to have somebody follow me around just to video tape, and take notes about everything that goes on in my day.

My husband would be able to retire in just a few months if our story was turned into a book, or reality TV show.

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Tonight was a crazy night.

On the way home from dropping my 16 year old son off at church for a weekend event, we were rear ended. For most people this would be no big deal. But if you have children in foster care it can be a huge issue. If I had never called my case worker, life would go on as normal. The accident was so minor that there were no police officers, no ambulance, not even a real tear. The worst thing that happened to any of the passengers in my vehicle was - the baby dropped his bottle. However, I was honest and immediately told my caseworker.  I didn't want to take any chances. 

This led to a very adventurous evening.  

My family case worker said I had to take both of the boys to Urgent Care. Most of the time this would be no big deal again. However with the insurance that the children have it is a huge deal.

Image result for insurance cardOne thing you will not learn in any training class is how difficult it is to find a doctor that takes the insurance of a foster child. If you are considering foster care, make sure you know what insurance the children carry. This can be done by simply asking your caseworker, or another friend who fosters. In the state of Texas, I think all foster children carry the same insurance, the children have superior health care. 

The problem is I have no say in which insurance the children have. This insurance is a form of Medicaid. I can find a lot of doctors who take Medicaid. However, I can find very very few who take superior Medicaid. If they do take this insurance they are either not taking new patients, or have such a backlog that it will takes months to get an appointment. This leaves you with very few options. Urgent cares as a whole do not take this insurance. I can drive an hour to an urgent care, but that's a lot of gas, a lot of time, & a lot of frustration. Agencies, and CPS try to avoid emergency room visits. This is because it lead to an investigation with the state and their license.  I understand wanting to cover their behinds, but what about trusting me to care for the kids?

I didn't, and still don't understand what the big deal is, but the case worker insisted that the children be seen right away. I was able to find a new urgent care that I knew took the boys insurance. So we went, reluctantly. We get there. And I find out that this urgent care will not see the baby because he is under 18 months old. What! You won't see babies? Why not? They need to be cared for without an emergency room as well as an adult. Instead of wasting time and having only one child seen I opted to go to plan B.

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This is NOT what happened to us,
but it might as well have
I am NOT a fan of this urgent care, I don't believe that the doctors are actually licensed. Either that or they lost their brain in med school. What other choice do I have? I get on the Beltway, pay the fee, and race over. I get there 15 minutes before they close. Again I find out my children cannot be seen. This urgent care has a policy to not see anybody for a car accident within 6 hours of the accident. What? This is crazy!  I just want to cry. But that has to wait.  I'm sure they have a good reason. But this tired, frustrated mother is going crazy. 

What do I do now? I call the caseworker (at 10 pm), explain the problem and they say to just take the boys in the morning.

Ugh, couldn't we have just started here?  Oh yeah!  That won't work either. We have a huge quizzing competition at 8am!  We have practiced since August for this, and I can NOT miss it.

I have no doubt in my mind that these boys are fine. It's very late (after 10:30 before we get home!) So everyone goes to bed. First thing in the morning we go to competition, win 3 of 4 books, then grab lunch before going to the er. Even the next day no one is sore, and everyone is moving fine. I am not at all worried about the babies (obviously).

After lunch we go to the er. I love the pedi er doc at Clear Lake hospital. He reminds me of the children's minister who baptized my son many years ago.  He really likes kids, and has a great bedside manner.  I show him photos of my truck (the minor damage) and he looks the boys over. He says they are fine. 
Mama knew that.  This isn't my first rodeo.
I get home and send the paperwork to all the caseworkers and go about my day.

Is that the end?


The er always says follow up in a few days with your primary doc. I don't think I ever have. Especially after a weekend. The patient is usually fine by Monday. However, this is not a "normal" patient.  I get a call from my family case manager, "have you followed up with the boys doctor (as per the er discharge papers)?" 

Ugh.  I honestly hadn't planned on doing that. I never even saw it on the paperwork.  However, I got off lucky.  Baby boy already has one of his monthly check ups tomorrow, on Tuesday.  I just call the office and make a second appt for my two-year-old.  Whew.  I look responsible, and we were all going to be there anyhow.

We get to the doc on Tues, and guess what she says?  They are  FINE!  I'm glad I already had an appt scheduled.  Otherwise I would have been even more frustrated and frazzled at having to drive an hour out to this doctor.

Moral of the story:  KNOW what insurance your foster children will have.  The very specific kind.

Have a doctor, dentist, emergency room, AND urgent care already picked out.  If you need other specialists you will be able to get that info from your child's GP (hopefully).