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Awana and Bible Quizzing

The Homeschool Awana Bible Quiz Team did an exceptional job at competition today.  Our 8 teams joined up with more than 16  other teams at Nassau Bay Baptist church for a test of knowledge, comprehension, and speed.  Our teams placed in every book we entered.

There are 2 rounds of competition, each with 8 questions.  Multiple choice (perfect score is 80), and speed drills (perfect score is 70).  It is very difficult to even get the opportunity to answer a question in the speed round.  The students scores are listed after their names.

Ultimate Adventure Book 1
                4th place –First Baptist Pearland
                3rd place – Nassau Bay Baptist
                2nd Place – Homeschool Team of Joshua (80,40) and Brandon (80,10)
                1st Place – Combined Homeschool Team and Fellowship Kayla (60,0), Shania (30,0)  and Isabella (40,60)
                Top Quizzer - Isabella

Ultimate Adventure Book 2
                2nd place – First Baptist Pearland
                1st place – Nassau Bay Baptist
                Top Quizzer – Nassau Bay Baptist

Ultimate Challenge Book 1
                4th place – Nassau Bay Baptist
                3rd Place – Homeschool Team Jack (70,0) and CJ (80,20)
                2nd place – Heritage Baptist
                1st place – Nassau Bay Baptist
                Top Quizzer – Nassau Bay Baptist

Ultimate Challenge Book 2 – all 1 person teams
                6th place – Fellowship Baptist
                5th Place – Victoria (70,0)
                4th Place – Cynthia (60, 20)
                3rd Place – Kurtis (70,0)
                2nd Place – Dylan (80, 40)
                1st Place – Kari (60, 60)
                Top Quizzer – Kari

This is way more than just a competition.  These third through sixth graders memorized nearly fifty verses, Bible vocabulary, questions and answers pertaining to Biblical knowledge, and had to know answers to specific questions about chapters they read.  They spent more than 60 hours over the last seven months preparing.  They were able to handle the pressure of competition and still recall God’s word – word perfect – in an instant.

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  1. So wonderful seeing this my son and daughters competed in Bible Quiz yrs ago. Nothing like learning memorizing God's word so young.

  2. I love seeing these boys and girls truly hide Gods Word in their hearts. The verses they memorize for competition stick with them for so many years.