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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yogurt Banana Split


There are some mornings (birthdays, holidays, Saturdays) that deserve something extra special for breakfast. 

On those morning, for many years, we have made banana splits for breakfast.  No I do not give my kids ice cream and sugar.  I'm not that nice.  Replace the ice cream with yogurt.  It's that simple.  Really!  As long as your kids like yogurt, they will love it.

Simply take a banana and split it down the middle.  Top it with 2-3 flavors of yogurt (there are SO many choices!)  Then top with any variety of fruits (fresh or frozen), nuts, and granola.

I have found several other ways to do this, but this has been our favorite for years.  As the kids have gotten older, I have allowed them to make their own.  This just adds to the excitement.  I will often serve this when we have a guest over - highly impresses them, and instantly makes me the cool mom :)

Chop it all up and put it in a fancy glass - makes it seem almost royal

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