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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Health

My Control JournalMy mom and I have helped to take care of my grandparents for several years now.  My grandfather passed 3 years ago this November.  During the process of adopting (still going through the process), hubby and I have learned a LOT about documenting everything.  Then, today, my grandmother had an eye appointment.  I know a bit about her health, but it's hard to remember everything.  A lot of her surgeries happened when I was little, I don't know enough about my family health history (not for a lack of trying!) but I could not answer a lot of the doctors questions in a way that satisfied me.  It didn't help that my grandmother was looking to me for the answers.

I have seen a lot of people in blogs talk about control journals and keeping up with important documents in case of an emergency.  I do this for my kids, but until today didn't think I would need to for my mom and grandma.  The info needed is so different.

I am not going to buy 2 control journals and keep up with their info that way.  The control journals are great, for my kids and hubby, too much info to give my mom.  I don't want to overwhelm her.  I did, however, get two folders with pockets and brads and put some forms in them.  These folders are to stay at her house, in a spot where all 3 of us can find them quickly and easily.

In my grandmothers folder I have a list of hospitalizations, doctor appointments, meds that are currently prescribed, family history and such. 

Mom's is similar.  She has to do the dirty work and fill out everything.  It's a one time thing (I hope!) and if anything ever happens to them, I will be prepared.

I know the doctors and hospitals can conjure up the information eventually - but what if......

So, as I was looking for what info was needed for these folders I came across these 2 websites.

I am sure that in a few months I will find out that something important is missing, but at least at the next appointment I will have more info than I do now.

Other things that will go into the folders

  • list of current meds
  • photo copy of ssn
  • photo copy of drivers license
  • photo copy of insurance cards
  • important phone numbers
  • copy of living will or other similar papers
  • copy of any records I can get from the doctor/hospitals

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