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Friday, April 10, 2015

Rude Kroger lady

To the woman at Kroger who was so very thoughtful to point out that my baby was naked:

Thank you so much for loudly pointing out to me, from across the parking lot,  that my baby is not wearing any clothes.  

Thank you for speaking so rudely to a complete stranger, and reminding me that there are real people like you in this world, not just on the news.  

Although you didn't see the four other children fully dressed (well, the two-year-old lost his shoes), or the two hour doctor appointment this afternoon, the explosive diaperS (yes, big S. There have been multiple due to teething) today, or the milk that was spit up upon exiting the truck in the Kroger parking lot (causing the same naked baby to lose his clothing for the third time today), I'm sure that none of that would change your opinion about me or my skills as a mother.

I have to wonder, though, do you have children?  When was the last time you parented five children while you were sick?  Have you tried to do it with four of the children being sick?  Do you have a recommendation on how many times a baby should be changed when it is 80 degrees outside, he is sick, spitting up, and has diarrhea?  And finally, when should I care more about the comfort of my son (who, by the way, prefers to be completely naked) than the opinion of total strangers?

I will thank you, hostile woman in a robe and curlers, for overlooking my disheveled hair, milk covered shirt and poo spotted skirt. Thank you for not judging my outward appearance.

A mom who cares more about her children than you will ever know.

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