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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Adventures in Adoption - ADOPTION DAY!

Morning. It's morning, everyone! Today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get out of...
[beat] Morning. It's morning, everyone! Today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get ….

A new member of our family!

Last night was a long night. Baby Moses didn't sleep well. I think he sensed all the excitement everyone else felt. The alarms go off at 7am and we get up and get going.  Cynthia has three classes today, but got permission from her professor to miss class today. After breakfast and dropping her off I get back in Time to shower, bathe the baby, clean up from breakfast, and sort some laundry. We didn't get much school done this morning, but I'm happy to say Nikki at least got her math lesson done :)

10:30 comes and it's time to get Cynthia and head up to the court. Depending on traffic and construction, it could take the entire two hours.  We get there in about 45 min, so we have 45 min to sit and wait.  

The fifth floor is pretty empty and quiet. We are not. I always bring the noise!  Loaded up with gold fish, milk, and toys, we take a seat in the hallway and wait. Hubby's aunt and uncle join us shortly to join us  this momentous occasion.

The Cps worker and agency caseworker come in.  The agency caseworker has an envelope of paperwork for me. I get halfway through and say I'm done. I will email it later.

Then the lawyer comes in. We meet with him for about 5 min. He has a few last minute papers to sign and instructions about the birth certificate, social security number, taxes, etc.  I should have taken a tape recorder with me. I forgot half the info before walking out.

Finally we go in. We are the third family to go before the judge. The process is very scripted and I simply state my name and answer yes to a bunch of questions. Then hubby does the same. Cps lady, then agency caseworker follow suite. We go take a photo with the judge and we are done.  

We are done!

I know that physically and mentally nothing has changed. Baby boy has no idea what just happened, but I'm momma now. I know I always have been, but I will forever, and legally be Mommy.

After lunch we go home to change clothes and it's off to AWANA.  We told everyone our good news.  I had created some announcements a few weeks back, and had been holding on to them, until now. I think the big kids handed out 50 just at church tonight!  

I am so thankful to be done with this process.  My little man is now my little man.

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