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Monday, August 26, 2013

Home school organization

Homeschool and organized just seem like oxymorons as soon as you say it.  Kind of like Jumbo shrimp.

I originally found this on Pinterest - but I can no longer find this pin.  I believe that this idea will work with any school work (home, public, or private), chores, or regular responsibilities that anyone has.

I am cheap.  I admit it.  It is ok.  The original pinner used a cutesy folder and label maker.  I on the other hand knew that this was a 'rough draft,' and didn't want to use a $5 folder for the first try.

First, decorate the folder.  Not necessary, just because girls like it cute.  This is the backside of the folder.

This is just a cheap manila folder that I had in the classroom

I printed all the classes, and glued the paper to the inside flap of the folder.  At the top of each flap is a piece of magnetic tape (with another strip on the other side too).  After doing this six times, I found that velcro and e6000 works best.  Just make sure to let the glue dry overnight before attaching and undoing the velcro.

This is the front side of the folder.  You can see I have cut the front slightly shorter - not necessary to do.  I cut the folder into 9 equal strips, one for each subject.

Hanging on the wall.  As a subject is done for the day they can flip up that flap.  I have visual confirmation that Language is done and don't have to ask a hundred times if they finished or not.

Next time:  
  1. I will not use a cute folder, the manila is just fine for me.  
  2. I will not trim the top - it was unnecessary.  
  3. I will also use Velcro instead of magnetic tape.  This is mostly because I am now out of magnetic tape and Velcro is super cheap.

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