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Monday, September 2, 2013

Candy crafts

Today was hot.  Not just outside, but inside as well.  We all got a bit cranky and didn't want to work on school work.  

Great time for an art lesson!
After a trip to Walmart we made candy creations.
I made a simple sample for the kids so they had some sort of clue what I was talking about.

I made all the boxes face the same way simply for aesthetics.  I started by gluing 6 boxes of milk duds together.

6 for the base and 4 more (separate) for the next level.

Then I glued the 4 on top of the 6

2 small rolls of Rolos later - and I have a car.

Here is what my 11 yo daughter did:

She started with a Styrofoam ring.  Then laid the candy out to see if it would all fit.

After swiping some from brother, she started to carefully glue the first layer on.

I didn't get many photos of during - and missed the final product, but here is what was done the first day.  

This was made for her birthday party.  Everyone loved looking at it, then getting to destroy it.  Great thing is, the hot glue did not ruin the foam.  Now she gets to do another later.

The boy:

Again, started with just a plain block of foam.

He is so talented.

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