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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Topsy turvy cake and sugar sheets

I love to go all out for my kids birthdays.  I also like to keep some money in my pocket when possible.  One way to save money during birthday season is to make my own birthday cakes.  Instead of 30+ for a cake, I can get away with under 5.  

This year my daughter wanted a topsy turvey cake.  I have never made one before, and I will warn you - these are more for very large crowds than a small birthday party.

I don't think it came out too bad.  I saw a great toutorial at:

The only problem we had was with the really nice looking sugar sheets.  They dont do so well on rounded surfaces.  These are great if you cut them and use them to decorate the tops of cupcakes, the top of a cake, cut them into shapes to decorate a cake....  Just not as the side of a topsy turvy cake.

Either way - my girl loved her birthday and did a great job decorating cake #12

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