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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bottled water

I have never been a big fan of bottled water.  I think it is over priced and the bottles are a waste.  Unfortunately, there are times when I leave my bottle at home (I have GOT to find a good one), or they are passed out wherever I go.  I also keep a case in my truck - just in case. 

Since I first got pregnant I have been extra sensitive to the 'stuff' in tap water.  I can smell the chlorine.  It is not appealing.  I typically use filtered water - no biggie.

I do, however, keep a case in my truck, along with a gallon jug.  You never know when you are going to swallow a fly or stay out too long in the hot Texas summer.  Yesterday, while I was sitting at a stop light, I looked at the label of my bottle.  "Name brand" It said that the water source was "Public water supply from Pasadena, TX"

Yuck!  They have some of the worst water in the area!  

Wait!  so you are now telling me that I just paid $3 for a case of tap water!?!?

Not just any tap water, the stuff I usually can't stand to drink!

I couldn't believe my eyes!  I will definitely be paying a LOT more attention to where my water comes from.  Better idea:  get that whole house water softener I have been wanting on this new house (should have taken it from the old house - it was expensive) and bottle my own!

When I got home, I decided to do a (minuet) bit of digging.  I know how bad bottles are for the environment, and that the water is not as pure as advertised (esp now!).  I came across these two videos on YouTube.

The first one made me laugh.  The second one just reinforces the argument that the convenience is just not worth the cost.

I will continue to use my Dollar Store plastic cup, and refill it with the gallon jug of .30 cent water I keep.  No more bottles.  Besides, they always roll under the seat.....

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