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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Emergen- C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient. Still, it's possible to have too much vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that supports normal growth and development. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron. Because your body doesn't produce or store vitamin C, it's important to include vitamin C in your diet. For most people, a large orange, 1 cup (about 165 grams) of sliced strawberries, chopped red pepper or broccoli provide enough vitamin C for the day. Any extra vitamin C will simply be flushed out of your body in your urine.
Accroding to the Mayo Clinic:  For adults, the recommended dietary reference intake for vitamin C is 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) a day, and the upper limit is 2,000 mg a day. Although too much dietary vitamin C is unlikely to be harmful, megadoses of vitamin C supplements may cause:
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Abdominal bloating and cramps
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Kidney stones
Remember, for most people, a healthy diet provides an adequate amount of vitamin C.

Sooooo....... knowing that I must say that if I kept to this, my kids would probably be sick a lot more often.  I don't give them thousands of mg a day.  If someone (daddy) starts to feel a cold come on, we have been around someone who is sick, or we will be around a large group of people during cold and flu times, then I start giving all of my kids, and myself larger than normal doses of C.

EYE-POPPING POPSICLESBeginning a week before my 12 year old went on a 2 week trip to New York, I started her on 6,000 mg of C a day.

72+ hours before family gatherings, we take 6,000 mg a day.

Co op doesn't count - unless I hear that there is a sick kid or I have been coughed or sneezed on.

I'm not saying that this is an all the time thing, and I have read several articles (of course I can't find most of them now) that say to prevent a cold, you should take larger than normal - up to 10,000 mg - dose of C for several days.

Taking massive amounts of anything is bad.  I know that.  This is not the only thing that can be used to help you stay healthy.  Ample time in bed - sleeping, not playing iphone games - and plenty of fluids and healthy food are also required.

The easiest way to get all this C into myself
 and my children is EmergenC.

This stuff is great!  I have never been one to read directions.  I learn better the hard way.  I'ts just me.  The packet says to add to several ounces of water - no way.

ROCK YOUR WORLDMy 10 yo adds it to OJ, or orange crush - only time they get soda (esp at breakfast!)
My 12 yo adds it to 1 oz of water and chugs
My 15 yo adds it to sprite.

We only use orange (easier to add to soda and juice).

Just today I was looking at the EmergenC website and even found recipes using this fantastic powder.  Guess what this momma is cooking up tonight!

Just so you know - there is another brand called Airborne.  Its good. They have other ways besides powder to take the same amount of C.  We like the gummy vitamins, but they are way expensive. They also have effervescence tabs Buying gummy C is pricey once you start comparing the amount of C you are taking.  EmergenC is the yummiest, most cost effective way I can get this down my kids.

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