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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Adventures in Adoption - December Update

December update
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Tuesday December 8

Cps visit

Mrs adoptive caseworker came for a visit today. Good news!  In 10 days we have a placement meeting. The placement meeting is scheduled where my sweet baby boy leaves foster care status and is now being placed for adoption.  This seems a bit silly and redundant, but it's really just another hoop I have to jump through.

December 18
Placement meeting

I'm so excited! The day is finally here. I wasn't sure who all was going to come, but it turns out it was just the adoption place worker and my caseworker. No lawyers. No supervisors. The adoption worker told me this would be like signing a mortgage. Boy was she right!  Most of it is because we were signing in triplicate, but the stack of papers she brought the sign was still nearly 3 inches thick. After about 90 minutes the paperwork was done, and everyone left.

Now we wait for my lawyer to set the court date.

This whole journey is a lot of “hurry up” and wait.

December 21


Yeay! We have a court date! Wednesday Jan 27. It can't get here soon enough….

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