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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Color Wonder

A few months ago we had two precious children come into our lives. I had a few days notice before they were coming to prepare. Knowing how busy your schedule is, I decided I needed a busy bag for long periods of time where we are just sitting and waiting. This would include such activities this track meet, banjo practice, meetings, and pretty much any other time when a five year old can easily get bored. 
Time for a shopping trip. 
I have children. I remember how to make a busy bag, however, things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. There are all kinds of new toys, games, and activities to keep children entertained and busy. It's no wonder our children all have ADD.  I do not believe that a child needs to be entertained 100% of the time, all day long. Although, I do understand that two hours is a long time for a 5 year old to sit and entertain himself.  
I'm not a big fan of electronic toys either.  They are difficult to clean peanut butter out of, batteries die, and there is never enough volume control.  They do have their time and place. Too many are noisy, or access the Internet. I refuse to allow a five year old unlimited access to the Internet or to access the Internet at all without my direct supervision.  I don't allow my 16 year old to have unlimited access to the Internet. Too many things pop up, and it's too easy to miss type a web address and go to an inappropriate site. But enough about that, back to our shopping trip. 

During a trip to Walmart, we headed down the craft aisle. I was specifically looking for coloring books, map pencils, stencils, things of that nature.  Then I found it. 

Color Wonder markers. 

I remember having these for my 10 year old, many years ago. These are not new to me. I used to love this product.  I have used it, trusted it, and know it well.  I knew it was safe to use in the car, at church, or anywhere else that we might go. Well, looking at all the accessories I found a bag that included markers, paint and paper.  But it came neatly wrapped up in a bag that folded flat. 

Color Wonder paint, paper, & a bag two folds flat! How much better does it get? You know the mess will be contained, and the children will be enthralled, and no mess will be made. So I bought this, some more markers and some additional coloring books. I got coloring books for boys, for girls, and blank paper so that they could use their imagination.  I am so glad I purchased this!

 I kept it aside, with a few additional toys included, and brought it out only when I could see that the ants were crawling up our pants. Not only were my children kept busy, but it attracted several others as well. It was such a hit that I will definitely be getting more refills. 

I'm not too sure about the paint, it attracted too much attention and took a while to dry.  The pages ended up sticking together because everyone who helped with the clean up process just stacked the wet pages.  However, when its just my  couple of children and I can keep the papers more contained, and allow the paint to dry; it will be thoroughly enjoyed.  I believe that the children really enjoyed themselves. 
This is a product that I highly recommend for children of any age. I have gifted it to others for children as young as three.  The markers are non-toxic. My husband enjoys it, my 16-year-old enjoys it my 13 and 11 year olds enjoys it, along with any other child that comes in contact with it.  Crayola is a company that has been around for a long time. Their name is trusted. This is a product I will continue to purchase, continue to endorse, and continue to purchase.  No, I was not compensated for this review.

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