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Friday, November 21, 2014

Built in loft bed

Finally!  My Baby Girl's room is "finished," painted, and moved in to.  I say "finished" because we had a lousy contractor and hubby will need to do the detail work that was poorly done, or not done at all.

The finishing touch on this room - a built in loft bed.  Nikki is an outdoor girl.  She would sleep outside every night if I would allow it.  Since I won't, we are bringing the outdoors into her room.  Starting with a bed built into a 'tree.'

Step one - build the bed.  Here daddy has finished the staining and is putting up the Nikki catcher.

Step 2 - add the ladder.  This is a hanging rope ladder.

Step 3 - Try it out!  She loves the challenge of the swinging ladder!  Daddy will bolt it into place when she is done playing

Step 4 - add the tent and decorate around the bed to look like a tree.

Well, step 4a is done.  I just need to get my artistic painter friend over to help with the painting now :)

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