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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Product review - bed tent

Baby Girl loves to make tents.  In the living room, in the play room, in her bedroom.  She likes little areas.  On her bunk bed, it is common for her to tuck a blanket under the top bunk to make a 'cave' on the bottom bunk.  

Then we found this:

It's fantastic!  Target is the only place that had this specific design.  The others were too girly for her, too babyish or too boyish.  This is neutral and perfect.  Grandma made her very happy Christmas morning.

After we got it home, we immediately set it up.  It wasn't difficult.  I have had many years of experience with pop up tents, so this was relatively easy.  Being that it was on a top bunk, I did have a little trouble, but Baby Girl (10) and I were able to do it ourselves in under 30 minutes.

I like the thin material - very breathable.  There are mesh windows to make it even easier to get air flow.  It's large enough for her to sleep/play on the twin size mattress.

The tent goes over the mattress.  I can still change the bottom sheet or take the tent off for floor play without disassembling the entire thing.

We have only had it about 3 weeks, so there have not been any accidents or any reason to clean the tent itself,

The only thing I do not like about this product is that the only door is on the side.  So using this on a top bunk is NOT recommended.  Fortunately, my monkey doesn't use the ladder, she swings off the side, but it's not the safest exit.

On a bottom bunk, this is perfect (her bottom bunk is queen size - so the tent will not fit).  For floor play, it is great!  For a top bunk, we need an exit a bit closer to the ladder.  

Overall - I would totally buy this product again, give it as a gift, or recommend it to most of my friends!

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