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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Outlet/light switch covers

I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I love doing it, I just hate picking colors.  

We finally picked a color for my daughters room.  She is very into zebra stripes, bright colors and fashion.

We got the color on the walls, but didn't want a boring cover around the light switch or outlet.  Our problem - do  we paint it, or decorate it some other way.  I had seen several ideas on Pinterest, but none of them seemed right for her room.

Like most girls my girl is very into duct tape.  Since the color for her wall is inspired by one of her favorite duct tape patterns, why not use duct tape to decorate with?
This is what SHE came up with - on her own.

I think she did a fantastic job.  The colors go great together and there is even more personality in her room.   I am looking forward to using another tape on other covers throughout the house.

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