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Monday, January 6, 2014

Home School Info - Core Courses


Kids Health
Hubble Telescope
Houghton Mifflin's Discover! area offers some interactive simulations on science topics like weather, plants and motion and forces. Each unit focuses on a specific topic and then looks at several aspects of that topic. The student will combine reading, watching cartoon animations and viewing specific examples. There are no quizzes, tests or record keeping, however.


Math is Fun
Check Writing
Hooda Math offers games and tutorials to help students understand basic math concepts. Math concepts are not broken down by grade level, so you'll need an idea of what should be taught according to your state standards or from a book like What Your Second Grader Needs to Know. Of course, you'll want the book that matches your child's grade level. The site was created by a middle school math teacher, so you'll also find helps for teaching concepts. Download worksheets that go with the games and lessons for example. The tutorials play an animated online video and show the student how to solve a problem step-by-step.
Hooda Math offers some short feature films that can be streamed online. These cartoons cover math topics. They teach while they entertain your child.

Math Drill Sheets has printable worksheets up through Algebra
Free Math Worksheets has printables through pre-Algebra
Online Math Games
FunBrain has all sorts of games, including math
Printable Multiplication Tables Aleks is a math program that is only a few years old but is getting rave reviews.
You Tube is a fantastic place to find video instruction of all sorts including math.
Home school Math


Spelling City
Spelling bee Study words
Splashes from the River Spelling


Short Stories
Starfall offers interactive lessons in reading and phonics that are similar to some of the lessons offered at Time4Learning. Your child can start with the ABCs. First, the program will show a letter, such as "A". An animal or object that has a name that starts with that letter will somehow be involved in carrying out an action or using the letter. For example, the letter A is carried out by ants. The program then makes the sound for that letter. Finally, the student is given a word, such as "ant".
Once the child has mastered the letters of the alphabet and what sounds they make, he can move on to the Learn to Read area. Each lesson focuses on a particular word family, such as "an" and "at". The program then teaches how to add letters to make additional words such as "cat", "rat" and "hat". The student will then read along a simple story. Once basic reading has been mastered, the student will move on to games and lessons that enhance reading skills.

Language Arts

Online Books
More books online
Phonics PDF File
Page by Page Books
Kids Spell
Prepositions List

Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone offers both an "at home" version for your computer, however, they also offer options for study online.

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