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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Apple Pancakes

In one of my many Pinterest searches lately, I found a recipe for Apple Pancakes.  Sounds yummy.  A little sweet apple added to one of our favorite morning treats.  So, I gave it a try. 

Apple Pancake Rings!  So good and pretty simple to make!  Click on photo to see the recipe I was inspired by.  I used my own scratch pancake mix.  Photos by ♥Lara Croft
This was a fail for me.  

While this treat tasted ok, the pancake was not fully cooked on the flipped side.  Maybe I just need to cut the apple ring thinner - I already had them pretty thin, but maybe they just needed to be even thinner to cook properly.

I pondered this for a few day.  I still had over a dozen apples in the refrigerator and needed some way to entice the kids to eat them.  I can only make so much baby food, the baby only eats 2-4 oz a day of baby food right now.  

Then I had an idea.  What if I diced the apples?

Using my homemade pancake mix, I went for it.

I decided to go for chocolate chip sized pieces since I knew that chocolate chips do not cause the pancakes to cook unevenly.

After mixing your pancake batter - add the apples.

I have a griddle (wanting a Blackstone griddle in the worst way!), but didn't want to pull it out so I used my griddle pan.  Don't heat it too high - pancakes burn easily.

These worked out so much better!  The kids inhaled them and asked for me to make more.  This will be added to my flavored pancake list (along with puffy,  smores, and bacon pancakes!)

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