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Monday, March 7, 2016

Adventrues in Adoption - A new Placement

Adventures in Adoption - Series 2 - A short term Placement

The initial text messages - edited for privacy
Just when I thought we had been forgotten again, I got a text message Wednesday at 12:20 asking if I would be interested in a placement of a 2 and 3 yo old sibling group.  My initial response was - and always is - YES!!!  However, after praying for a few minutes I didn't think this would be a good placement for us.

1) Where would I put a 2yo girl?  I do not like babies upstairs, and the boys (1 and 3 yo babies) would have the downstairs room.

2) I could not drive to the visits.  Every Monday.  5 hours of the day.  I could make the sacrifice, but Cynthia has college classes at the same time.  I don't like leaving a 14 yo on a college campus any longer than her class time.  That's a whole different post though.

So, I said no.  This wouldn't work for us.  The messages went on for about half an hour, and in the end - long story short - I am going to pick up two babies just before church.  Yipee.  Oh goodness.  Clean the babies room.  Wash the car seats!  Get the extra seat out of the attic.  Find the pack-n-play.  Find the pack-n-play sheets.  Clean Nikkis room (that's where baby girl has to go....), pack a snack for at church, I don't know if they will be hungry.  Get sippy cups filled and labeled.  Pack an extra diaper bag.

It's a crazy, all-hands-on-deck, put school work aside, kind of afternoon.

Then I get a call at 3:45.  They aren't coming.  Due to the importance of the visits and my inability to get them there (scheduling conflicts and the sheer distance), this is on hold.

What a roller coaster!  Codie gets home from work at 4:30, and I give him an update of our crazy afternoon. Then I get another phone call.

Placement is back on.  Just respite though.  2-3 weeks.  I don't like this at all.  These babies need stability.  I don't want to have them in my house for a few weeks, have them get used to me and I fall in love with them - then they leave!  No way.  But considering the circumstances, there are probably a lot worse places for them to go.  Not that we are anywhere near perfect, but they need love a place to go.

Ok - so we will get the babies tomorrow.

7:45pm Wednesday - I get another text message.  I am at church and don't see it until Thursday morning.  The kids will be at my house by noon for a placement.  Ok.  No problem.  I still don't know if this is respite or a placement.  One caseworker says one thing, the other says another.

11 am - the kids arrive.  Things are going great.  I have no problems with the "screamer."  I can tell that this is a normal 2 yo who wants attention.  And food.  The entire day, and all day Friday the only time we have problems is when she is tired or hungry.  We spent the afternoon at the park, then went to a banjo show (and found a playground!)  Yes, she has temper tantrums, but what 2 yo doesn't?  Again, feed the baby, then put her in bed.  She will cry/scream, but she is in a safe place (the crib) and will fall asleep.

5 pm Friday - CPS meets us at the big kids banjo show (show 2 of 4 this weekend) and picks the kids up.  Not too sure what is going on, but there was something about an angry judge, cps workers who didn't agree, and a family member.  Ok.

I go on into the banjo show.  Codie is about to graduate so he will be graduated from the band as well.  This is his last big show :(  It makes me sad, but life must go on.  I can't keep him a baby forever.

The first act is over and sweet baby Moses and I are having fun playing with his newest friend.  The phone rings - uh oh.  It's another placement.
I say no.  Can't do it.

7:30 Friday - another call.  Two sisters, new to the system and just removed from their home.  I said yes.  Before the sheets are changed from the last two, and before this blog entry is finished, I have two more kids.  I get a little info from my caseworker, warn hubby, and enjoy the last 5 minutes of the show.

1 am Saturday - the girls arrive.  Sound asleep.  I worry about them waking up in a new house and want them to be together and comfortable.

This is the life God has told us to live right now.  It may not be easy.  It is definitely not predictable.  But it is one, I pray everyday, that will glorify God.

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