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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Adventures in Adoption - Break through, Day 1


We are not invisible!  Yipee!  We are still not licensed, but the office knows we exist!

Mrs. Case Worker called me this morning - 2 things.

1 - where is the third children's bedroom?  Oh yeah!  I drew that map of the house over a year ago. Since then we added on a room. Problem solved. She told me that the girls rooms are both big enough to fit 3 kids, but the boys room can only hold 2.  Ok. No big deal.
 2- she asked if we would be interested in providing respite care (babysit) for 3 kids.  Forster parents are visiting a dying relative and will need us two times. This weekend to say final good byes and again soon for the funeral.  The kids are 1,3, and 6.  Our weekend is open, why not.  Great. She will email me and Foster Mom the details.  Foster Mom will get in touch with me.


I get the email

Late Thursday I get a call.  Talk to Foster Mom a bit and learn a little about the children's past. Very sad.  Foster Dad will bring the babies tomorrow about 6.

We are all very excited. Baby toys are brought out and we pray for these kids.


Foster Mom needs to bring the kids earlier.  No problem. We are ready. 

Aren't we?

Foster Dad shows up,  running way late for work its a drop and run thing.  Ah!  Suddenly I have 2 babies on the trampoline and 1 in my arms. Wow.
The night went well.  Turns out they are 1, 2, and 5.  5yo Big B is in Kindergarten.  Little B doesn't talk much and Baby G - is a baby.  

We play out back, in the play room, on the trampoline, eat supper (spaghetti and meat balls), play out side, in the play room, video game, in the play room then watch veggie tales and have ice cream before bed.  Im worn out.  All six kids seem to be having fun.

Time to change and brush teeth. Big B needs some help, he likes to rush through.  Little B needs to change pjs - instead of spitting, he dribbles.  I forgot so much about babies.  I guess it will all come back quickly!

The house rule is no boys in girl's rooms and vice versa.   Big B wants to stay wherever my Big Girl is, so my girls and Big B and Little B camp out on the sofa. Baby G sleeps in my room.

Tomorrow is going to be fun!

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