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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adventures in adoption - Delayed

Home study has been done for 30 days - exactly 30 today. I got an email from my case worker saying that everyone in the house (even the kids) need a tb test. Ok. No prob.  Annoying, but I will get it done.  I immediately schedule 4 appts for the next day, and hubbys for 3 days from now (when he can go in late).

 So, not knowing this process well I simply asked if this was a delay if if this meant we were licensed. She responded with "You complete your TB test in between your home study interview and becoming licensed. This is the normal time line for our office."  Now I'm confused. And frustrated. I send her another email and say "I hope this doesn't come apps as rude,  but why couldn't we have done this a month ago after the home study?"
I really want trying to be rude.  I honestly wanted to know why Mr. Home Study didn't tell us to get it done the night he came over.

In class 'the process' was never discussed much. Every time a question was asked the answer was always 'it depends.'  Now I see why.  There are so many factors that could change the timing.

this initiated a phone call from Mrs. Case Worker.  She was more confused than I was.  After convincing her that Mr. Home Study came out 30 days ago, she noticed a paperwork mistake. Oy.....  our name somehow got transposed to another form.  Long phone call summarized - paper work problem solved. Now we need to get the write up from Mr. Home Study.  Mrs. Case Worker will get right on that.

Still waiting.

Moral of the story - keep in close contact with your case workers and get your tb test done as soon as you have a home study scheduled.

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