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Monday, March 3, 2014

Patio Makeover

Time for spring cleaning!  I decided to start on the front patio because we spend a lot of time there.  On a nice Houston night it's fun to watch the world go by while doing school work, crafts, eating, and just hanging out with my kids.

I've had the black furniture for a while.  It came from my grandparents, who have had it for many many years.

I recently found this wood shelf/dresser at a resale shop for $40 - it needs a paint job, but I figure with some paint and a big pillow it would be a great place to lounge and store our shoes.

I started with cleaning up the fountian.  This also came from my grandparents - it's got to be nearly 30 years old, but it works great and looks wonderful.

First I emptied it out and cleaned up the slimy rocks (yes, I washed rocks!)  Once everything was un-slimy I could put it all back together and run the pump (it had to be cleaned out too - it was FULL of slime and hard water).

Now on to the furniture.  It is sturdy metal and just needed some refreshing.  I had seen my grandfather scrub and repaint it before when I was little, so I did the same thing.  It''s hard to tell from this photo, but these were really rusty and dull.

After scrubbing off the rust, dirt and cobwebs, I laid down a sheet and sprayed everything with a generous coat of Rust-oleum. 

After each piece was dry (about an hour), I was able to put it back on the patio.  Even the neighbors were able to notice the huge change in how it looked.

I also went to Home Depot and bought an indoor/outdoor rug to brighten up the patio - I was surprised at the difference it made. 

Now on to the bench.  Once the rain stops....


  1. A cleaning turned into a makeover. Sweet! And thanks to your grandparents, you were able to put some wonderful additions to it. How is it, btw? I hope the rain stops so you can finally finish the bench. Cheers!

    Luke Stephens @ Tranquility Pools

    1. It did finally dry up enough to paint again. I picked a medium gray and gave a generous coat to the bench. We used the furniture on the patio while I looked for a pillow. I had a hard time finding a pillow I liked for under $50! I was going to just make one. Then I noticed that the June budg and spiders were enjoying our shoe baskets, so I brought the bench in and put it in an alcove by the front door. This is the perfect spot for library books and anything that needs to be taken out of the house as we leave :)