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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adventures in Adoption - Paperwork signing

After a few hours of back and forth emails with Ms. Case Worker we came up with a date and time to get together and sign more paperwork.

We spent the two days between her initial email and her arrival making sure that the house was 'clean enough' and everything was still up to code (extinguishers in the proper places, outlet covers where they belong.....)  Things happen during the week - I just wanted to make sure.

She arrives, we talk.  She goes over a few things I had forgotten since the classes a year ago, and clarifies a few things I was confused about.  She answers any questions I have as well.  We go over all the paperwork thoroughly.  I had a few questions, and she answered.  Quick and easy.  The only thing I need to keep up with is

  1. Monthly fire drills
  2. Random inspections at anytime
  3. 30 hours of yearly training - I'm not sure if this is going to be easy or difficult.  10 hours can be "self taught" with books, seminars, and such. I will keep you posted. 

As Ms Case Worker gets ready to leave I ask if she needs to look around and check anything - nope.  Hmmm....  this was much easier than I expected.

Now I just wait to start getting broadcasts.  This is simply and email with profiles of children.  I say yes or no and we go from there.  I say 'no', no biggie.  I say 'yes' and we move forward..

For now, I keep praying that we are fully prepared for the children' that God has picked for us.

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