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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Science Experiments

What can you do when you are in Houston in the summer? The beach gets too busy, the pool gets old after a while and there is never anything on tv (yeah, like we sit around watching tv much!).  We school all year long, but on free days during the summer, or in the evening it is really exciting to try something new.

Science is something best learned hands on.  I have been looking for some fun experiments to do with my kids - and when they have friends over.  Here are some of the things I found. - The first 8 minutes are just jibber babble (to me) but the experiment looks awesome - uses the absorbent stuff from a diaper

Pinned Image - We did this one today.  LOVE IT!  according to the video, any soda will do, but we usually buy the cheapest diet soda we can find.  Warm soda works better than cold.  The geyser tube can be found at almost any retailer (walmart and mardel def have them) -pop rocks! - a whole bunch of really awesome Steve Spangler science experiments.  Every cool experiment I found on youtube was on his page. - we did this at my moms, so fun - one of my son's favorites

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