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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventures in Adoption - Breakthrough, weekend 2

  • Thursday

Yea!  Foster Mom needs us again.  Well, yea for us.  She is going to a funeral.  So..... never know what to say......
This is going to be a long weekend.  This morning I woke up in a 'funk' (girl stuff), and the sky is overcast.  Let's see how it goes....

  • Friday 

I pick up the babies from day care and we go to track.  Big Girl has a track meet tomorrow.  I leave her with the coach and take the other 5 kids to the playground.  Being Super Mom again, I had an afternoon snack packed (string cheese, yogurt and bananas).  We had fun running and swinging and climbing.  We walked to the pond and counted ducks and even saw two beautiful rosette spoonbills.

When we had about 20 minutes to pick up Big Girl we loaded up in the truck to drive to the other side of the park to get her.  I had the big kids run to the other playground (gotta get energy out) while Baby G and I drove.  About the time I get to the playground my phone rings.  "Momma, can you come get me?"  I dread hearing those words.  After confirming that practice was, in fact, still going on, Big Girl confirmed she had injured herself.  We load up and drive the 100 feet to where the runners are practicing.  Coach is busy with a parents meeting, so I help Big Girl hobble to the truck.

We go home and Big Girl elevates and ices her foot while the other kids play in the playroom.  Baby G sits in her saucer while I make dinner.  We will not be going to the track meeting tomorrow.  Good thing we had several things planned in case of rain.

After dinner we pulled out the clay, a piece of cardboard, and tin can and made a volcano.  I hoped it would dry overnight.  I am glad that crayola clay is non toxic - Little B thought it was cookie dough.  Fortunately he spit it right out.

  • Saturday

Great day to sleep in.  The sky is overcast, it's humid, and Big Girl is not in excruciating pain when she is asleep.  I don't even let the dogs out until Baby G is awake.  After making breakfast and lots of play time we decide to explode the volcano.  It's not quite dry, but it will do the job.  Using the patio table we put an ample amount of  baking soda in the tin can.  I then let Little girl go crazy with the vinegar.  Both Big B and Little B burst with giggles.  We did it again and again until the baking soda was completely diluted.  Then we pulled out the balloons and showed them how to blow up a balloon with vinegar and baking soda.

This worked well and kept the boys attention for about 15 minutes.  After the balloons started to deflate, Big B and Little B found more interest in the trampoline.  We blew up balloons and played with them on the trampoline.

Later in the afternoon we made play dough cookies.  This is just sugar cookie dough that was colored. This was much safer for Little B.  They had fun making dogs, purple people eaters, trees, and all kids of crazy stuff.  I had some candy eyes that were added on to nearly every cookie.  We only used about half the dough, but the boys and Big Girl had fun making their creations.

Last thing to do today - grocery store.  HEB had fajita meat on sale.  Daddy had the day off, so I took just Little B, and Big Girl.  Big Girl hobbled around on crutches while Little B tried every sample and ate half a bag of Baby gold fish.  When we got home, I put Little B down for a nap.  30 minutes later I check on him, still awake.  I guess he is not getting a nap today.

Today was a good day.  We didn't do a whole lot, but we got to know the boys and just have fun together.  About 7:30 it dawns on me that today is the time change.  TIME FOR BED!  That means its really 8:30.  We have church tomorrow!

  • Sunday

Still not feeling like myself.  Big Girl didn't sleep well and still hurts a lot.  We got up and got everyone fed, cleaned up, and dressed.  We got to church - not just on time, but 20 minutes early.  No Kroger stop today.  We go to Sunday school then I meet up with the big kids in service.  Big Girl asks to go home because she is hurting pretty bad.  We pick up the babies and go.  I know better than to go home before band practice.  Don't do it - ever.

We get home and Big Girl puts up her foot and takes some meds.  I start lunch.  Baby G is in her saucer.  We eat.  I walk up stairs to talk to Big Boy while the little boys eat.  In less than 3 minutes Little Girl decides to take Big B and Little B outside.  You would think that is a good idea, but now the boys are covered in mud.  Ugh.  Into the bath - no band practice for us.  I put the boys clothes in the wash while they play in the 'big bath.'   I figure I might as well let the boys play for as long as they want.  They ended up playing for 90 minutes!  I wash their hair and get them dressed in their freshly washed clothes.

We also miss Awana.  I don't like when our days are so off, but what can you do?  We hang out for the afternoon while Big Girl dozes (sleep is the best medicine when in pain).  By 6:30 it's time to take the babies home.

This time the big kids don't want to come.  Saying good bye isn't going to be easy because there is no guarantee that there will be a next weekend.

God gives us time with lots of people everyday.  All we can do it let Him be the light they see in us.  We should show His love and pray that even those small moments can somehow positively affect them in the future.

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