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Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventures in Adoption - Break through, Day 2


Everybody seemed to sleep well. Baby G slept from 11p to 6a.  Not bad for a 1 yo.  Boys slept in a little bit. One thing I remember is that you never wake a sleeping baby. 
After a huge breakfast of pancakes,  bacon pancakes, and bananas (everything covered with Nutella) we clean up and go to the park. 

On the way to the park we need to stop by a resale shop for a booster seat. Baby G needs something sturdy to sit in while eating.  No luck.  However, we found each of the boys a fun toy.

We get to the park. Ugh. Its Saturday. The place is packed.  After a quick u-turn we go to Goodwill and Big Girl finds a super cute exersaucer for Baby G. Only $15. Great!  Multi purpose and cheap. As well as in excellent condition. 

Now on to the park. We go to a park closer to our house. Its never crowded, but not one I particularly like.  The babies loved it. We walk around the pond looking for turtles and fish. Nothing. We threw in 2 loaves of bread (previously moldy and frozen, for just such an occasion)  Still nothing.  Little B sees something on a trail (rabbit? Bird?) So Big Boy takes Little B on a trail, while I take the girls and Big B to the playground. There were two cute little girls on the playground already. All six kids had a blast running and playing and chasing each other - and their two new friends. Even baby G was giggling.
Lunch time. Big Girl has track this afternoon so we better go eat so Baby G and Little B can get a nap. Since we stayed at the park too long I decided to go to Mr. Gattis for lunch.   Since it was only about 12:30 the restaurant wasn't too crowded yet.  We ate pizza, pasta, pineapple, and pudding (notice a theme?!)  Then spent a few dollars in the game room.  Little B loved the toddler rides, but never finished even one, while the older boys stayed with the race car games.  Baby G went with me in the stroller.  To tell you the truth, I have no idea what the big girls played.  I saw them, the game room isn't that big.

One more round at the buffet – for dessert.  More pineapple and pudding for everyone.
Nap Time.  We have almost 2 hours.  Baby G went right to sleep.  Little B needed a change of clothes and fell asleep quickly as well.  Big B and the other big kids played quietly in the playroom.

Track time.  Little Girl, Big B and Little B had way too much fun playing under the bleachers and getting covered in mud.  Baby G played on a blanket with me while Big Boy and Big Girl ran.  90 minutes later we loaded up and went back home.

As I got dinner ready the kids all played on the trampoline.  Tomorrow is going to be a trying day.  Our Sundays are always busy.  We are used to our long days, but most people can’t handle it.  After baths, we went to bed by 8.

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