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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Froburgs Farm

One of our favorite field trips every spring is to Froburgsfarm  to pick strawberries. Froburgs has several acres of strawberry plants and you (and the kids!) get to walk all over the land and pick the strawberries you want.

Public picking runs 9 A.M - 5:50 P.M, seven days a week on availability of strawberries and weather. The typical strawberry season begins around early March, and lasts to the middle or later weeks of May. Containers are provided for $1.00 and an additional $2.00 per pound of berries. Outside containers are not allowed. Don't forget to bring your camera out to take some pictures.

We have gone to Froburgs for 3 years and throughly enjoy every minute of it.  This year we picked 30 pounds of berries!  A bucket can hold 3-4 pounds.  Every berry we picked was ripe, red and juicy :)

After picking berries, we walk through the store and load up on fresh fruit and veggies, then go to the smokehouse and fill the freezer.  The smokehouse carries wonderful boudan stuffed pork chops, venison sausage, buyer beware - this place smells wonderful, gives you samples and I spent a months worth of grocery money just on meat!  Hubby won't like the price, but he will love to grill it ;)

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