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Friday, April 8, 2016


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This is so pretty - but takes more time than I have
In a recent post, I told you about one of the ways I like to quickly scrapbook old photos.  Now, I will show you my favorite way to quickly, and beautifully, create a 'life book' or scrapbook for my foster children.

I never know if I will keep kids for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime.  I prefer the lifetime option, but it's usually not my choice.  So, I choose the quick and easy, get it done, make it look good, option.

Go to Hobby Lobby (or any other craft store - this is just my favorite) and pick up a PRE-MADE scrapbook!

A pre-made scrapbook from Hobby Lobby

My little man picked this out, he loves monkeys.  I just used a few stickers to put his name on the front.  There are 16 pages inside this one.  That was exactly what I needed.  One for each month we had him, then adoption day!

All of the cute decorations were already here!  The ONLY thing I did was add two photos to this spread. Seriously easy.  I could have added more, but you can tell exactly what I wanted to be seen.  

These two months I had a few extra minutes.  In May I added the "May" sticker and a hand print we made with model magic and paint.  Then in June I added the "June" sticker and some birthday stickers.  The buttons and colors were already there!

This may not be an option for everyone, but I love the way it turned out.  It was a great way to chronicle the months he was in foster care.  The book was the same price as a 'regular' blank book, but in the end cost a little more since there are less pages included (and it is smaller).  

Now that we have 2 more kids, I have gone back to Hobby Lobby (hubby hates those receipts!)  and gotten two more books.  I will take thousands of photos like I always do, then pick 1 to print each month.  Then we will add it into their books.  

I use photo corners to put the photos in, just like in my other book.  I do this because most of the writing is on the back of the photo.  One day, my little man may want to know what else was going on in the photo, where we were, why he is making a silly face, etc.  The photo corners allow me to put that on the back of the photo, then pull the photo off at any time without any damage to the photo itself - or the scrapbook page.

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