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Friday, August 15, 2014

New bedroom - part 1

When we bought our house I saw a lot of wasted space.  Without designing my own house and having it built, that's pretty much the norm.  I don't know who designs these houses, but they need to think more!

This house originally had a master downstairs and an office (not really usable as a bedroom since there is NO LIGHT! and no closet).  Then upstairs there was 2 bedrooms, a loft, and a media room.  The original owner designed it (to a point) with the builder.  She only had 2 kids.  This was a great layout for her.  Well, I have 3 (plus a few).  I love the office - it will stay an office as long as I can keep it that way.  However, the media room is not a true media room.  There is a big window, no door and a big opening (interior window?) over the stairs.

The room that was intended as a playroom was situated between the 2 upstairs bedrooms.  My girls were tired of sharing and we needed another bedroom for the adoption.

We got to work.

My tiny tornado usually has a messy room - now she needs walls.

I'm not sure why this came out so fuzzy, but by the time I noticed the sheet rock was already up.  The frame was put up in just a day and Baby Girl was so very excited!

Even with the door in place, the kids went between the studs.

While there  was an opportunity, Hubby built Baby Girl a loft bed.  She has a bunk, but this bed is extra sturdy, built into the wall - and Daddy made.

Now it's time for sheetrock!

All of this took about a week - working at night after work and really long on the weekends.  Baby Girl will have her own private room in no time!

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