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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cookie bowls

A while back, while wandering around Michael's craft store, I mistakenly walked down the baking isle.  Never a good idea - I always walk out with something. This time it was a cookie bowl pan.  This thing looked so cool and easy to use that I just had to try it.

I got home and gave it a shot.  I used sugar cookie dough (store bought for ease and because I was impatient).    

The first thing I did was roll out the dough and cut it with a glass.  I cut it so the it was about the diameter of the middle of the bowl.  I wanted the sides to hang over slightly, but not go all the way to the bottom of the inverted bowl (the dough would "melt" and move to the bottom).

Place the cut dough on the center of the form.

I didn't experiment with just one - I loaded up all 6!

Now bake according to the directions on the cookie dough package.  I could see some thin spots, but that was ok

After making 2 batches, I thought "These are a little big.  How can I make them smaller?"

Light bulb!  Use a mini muffin tin!

I did the exact same thing as before, just with my mini muffin tin - upside down.

These are the mini's.  Aren't they cute?

Each one has personality.  None of them are perfect - I think that it is so cool!

Side by side comparison - you can see a huge difference.

The little one fits right inside the larger one

After using up all the cookie dough, and letting them cool, I filled each one (and ate any that were too full of holes to fill :)

The larger ones got fresh fruit, and the smaller ones were filled with nutella.

To fill these, I simply put Nutella into a cookie press (I use it like a frosting bag!) and squeezed it into the cups - it looks nicer than just spooning it in.

I made these for jr/high school kids. They were a huge hit, although I did notice some of the larger bowls going to waste - too much cookie is what they said.  As much as I love the idea, the smaller ones are the better choice - no waste and just enough to taste!

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