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Monday, September 1, 2014

Regrowing Veggies

I've been reading a lot about regrowing veggies from what you already have.  Let's give it a try.

This is the 'core' from a head of iceberg lettuce.

After just 2 days you can see some growth!

Romaine lettuce is better for you than iceberg - let's try that one.  Simply chop off the bottom couple of inches.

2 days later - some new growth - wow!

1 week

What about carrots and radishes?

Potato - these got forgotten about in the bottom of the pantry - eww.  The eyes were already sprouting.  After cutting the potato into several sections - each one with an eye, they got put into water.

My little windowsill garden.

Left - in the bowl - iceberg (left side getting tall) and romaine lettuce
In the middle cup - celery
Right cup - more iceberg lettuce

Look at the roots on this romaine lettuce!

Follow up:

Nothing worked :(  The carrots and radishes rotted away,   The iceberg made a long stalk then withered away.  i tasted a leaf, spit it right back out!  I don't know what happened, but it was bad.  The romaine was doing well, so I put it in the garden - then it died.  The potatoes are doing great.  They are about 8 inches tall and still growing.  We will see if anything happens.  The celery rotted away on the outside, then the inside died :(  I will keep trying.  It's either compost, trash, or experiment.  I'm even workin on onion now.  I will post again if any progress is made. 

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