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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What to do with leftover brisket

My dear sweet Hubby isn't much of a cook.  In all the years we have been married (17 next month!) I can recall only a handful of times he has been in the kitchen.  However, he is great on the grill!  One of his favorite things to barbecue is brisket.  He will smoke it for hours and hours until it is falling apart and juicy.

Whenever we have enough company to double our number at the dining room table, this is the preferred meal.  I enjoy it because I know I will be getting at least two more meals from that $40 piece of cow.  This time was no different.

The day after our brisket dinner I was trying to figure out how to re-make the meat so that it wasn't just leftovers.  We had about half of the meat left.  This photo isn't super appetizing, however it was cold and crammed into the bowl.

The first thing I did was cut the meat into thin slices, then use a fork to shred it.  The small pieces make for a better texture.

You can see that my helper got a little lazy and didn't shred it all the way.  That's ok.  The pieces are still really small and bite sized.

Next, I added a jar of barbecue sauce.  Don't worry about the brand - or even the flavor.  I had this in the back of the pantry.  It's a jar I got free at HEB in one of their meal deals.  I added the entire jar, then used a few tablespoons of water to get the rest of the sauce out of the jar.

Once the sauce is added, mix well.  If you want it a little less saucy, add more meat.  Here in Texas, we like it saucy.  I'm also a kinda lazy cook sometimes.  I just wanted to use up a lot of the meat before we got bored with brisket!

One thing that makes this recipe so easy is that the meat is already cooked.  After chopping the meat, I only needed to heat this on medium for about 5 minutes.  The meat was done before anything else!  The house smelled so good!  I was worried that the kids wouldn't want the same meat - again.  They inhaled it!  I barely got any.  

Well, I made this three days in a row.  The kids never tired of it (although I would not have pushed a fourth day).  I definitely know what to make next time hubby makes a brisket.  I have bought frozen chipped beef before.  Maybe I will make a large batch and freeze half next time.

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