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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Birthday and Holiday Tree

Traditions are great.  They are a great way to remember the past and rekindle memories.  I love traditions.  However, I love to create my own.  Do something unique that my children will remember - and perhaps pass down to their own children.  If nothing else, they usually make for a good story.

Most people have a Christmas tree in December.  If we put a tree for Jesus's birthday, why can I not have one for mine as well?  

After Christmas a few years ago I just left our fake green (traditional) Christmas tree up, but changed the decorations every month.  This worked great for about ten months.  Around Halloween the dog decided to pee on it.  That was the end of that tree.  I put it on the curb that day.  Then someone picked it up.

Looking through a catalog a few weeks later I saw this:

I love it!  Traditional, yet unique.  So very me!  I didn't want to pay the price asked in the catalog (typically the highest price around), so I waited until after Christmas.  I found another on Amazon, but then had other things to spend the money on.  My mom broke down and got it for me for my birthday this year.  Yea Mom!

We have already had fun decorating it!  In August Big Boy covered it with water guns and water balloons for his birthday.  Now it's Big Girls turn.  She is having a duct tape party:

One thing I love about this is the curved 'branches.'  I will be able to do so much with it - all year long!  This is going to remain a favorite tradition for a long time to come :)

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