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Monday, September 15, 2014

Placement Update

1 month ago - today - we received our baby boy - we will call him Moses.  He has been such a blessing to our family.  Besides being a good baby, I get to remember all the little things about when my bio kids were babies.

Every baby is different.  I had large babies, Moses is very small - a preemie born at 26 weeks.  I know nothing about preemies.  I do know, however, that our medical technology has advanced so much that a baby born so early can not only survive, but also thrive.  

Moses has gone everywhere and done everything with us.  He is fully one of the family.  Everyone helps with everything.  The girls help get him into the car seat.  Big Boy is the only one who can 'man handle' the stroller, he also helps get it up and down stairs when there is no elevator.  All three kids know how to quickly make a bottle, and will change a diaper - although not happily if it is dirty.

Even the dog knows his job.  This was taken the day we got Moses.  Big Doggie still, to this day doesn't go far from Moses.  Daddy was burping Moses two nights ago and quickly had to stop.  Moses had a bad gas pain and started to cry, Big Doggie put his mouth on Daddy's arm.  Not a bite, but a warning to say "stop hurting the baby!"  Daddy quickly got the hint.  He is a very well trained dog.

The thing I have learned about my little Moses is this:
  1. He likes to sleep upright.  In the bouncy seat.  Not flat at all
  2. It must be warm in the room.  Totally opposite of everyone else in the house.
  3. There must be light on.  Again, opposite of everyone else.
  4. He likes a lot of noise.  If it is quite, he cannot sleep.  The boys like ambient sound, Moses likes lots of sound.  Vacuum, tv, dishwasher, talking.  The more sounds, the better.
  5. He loves to be swaddled.  All my babies liked to be swaddled.  Snug as a bug in a rug.
While some things are a bit different, there is always adjustment  anytime you add a baby - whether you give birth or adopt.  Life is all about adjusting.  Every day, every season.  There are adjustments to be made in our lives.  This is one I truly will enjoy.

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