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Friday, September 19, 2014

Watermelon jello

We had a pool party at moms a few weekends ago.  She had seen this recipe (Facebook?) and wanted to give it a try.

We used a very large melon because half of it was carved into a bowl for mixed fresh fruit.  The other half was used to make a Jell-o bowl!

First, we took all the fruit out of half of a melon.  

Then we mixed together two large boxes of Strawberry Jello using the normal package directions.  After it was cooled enough to handle (about 30 minutes) I poured the plain Straberry Jello into the melon.  Then I mixed in some chunks of fresh melon.

Make sure your melon is on a cookie sheet to keep it stable while transporting (especially before it is jelled).  If your melon is too round, simply cut a small piece off the 'bottom' to help it stand still.

Put the jello in the fridge to jell.

This will take several hours.  Lots of jello requires lots of time.  Totally worth it!  Once jelled, slice as you normally would.

Delicious!  The kids loved their 'watermelon'!  It was easy to make and looked very nice.  I like the fact that it was unique.

Hint:  Don't add too much fresh melon - the jello will not jell properly!

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