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Friday, October 3, 2014

Holiday and Birthday Tree

Why is it that only Jesus gets a beautiful tree to celebrate His birthday?  Well,  in the Kerr house, that's not the case!

About three years ago I started keeping our green, traditional, artificial tree out all year and decorating it for each season.  For birthdays, the kids each decorated the tree however they wanted.  For each holiday we would decorate it appropriately - eggs for Easter, clovers for St. Patricks day, hearts for Valentines day, etc.  Then one October, the dog peed on the tree.  Out it went.

Then two years ago I saw this wrought iron tree in a catalog.  I fell in love with it right away.  It took a while for me to justify spending $150-200 for a decoration.  It is about the same price as the douglas fir Hubby was looking at, but I like unique over traditional.
Finally, this year for my birthday my wonderful Mom bought it for me!  Yea Mom!

Big Boy decorated it for his 16th with water guns and water balloons.  Can you guess what we did that day?

This is how my Big Girl decided to decorate it for her 13th birthday.  I love how they can each express themselves individually, and share it with their friends. 

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