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Friday, October 24, 2014

Elbow grease-less stove cleaning

As a mom, I am always cleaning something.  This is not by choice, but out of necessity.  Hubby made a great brisket the other day.  Then about four days later, while scrubbing the counters - for the 50th time this week - I decided to take the burners off the stove.  

What is this sticky stuff?  

Where is it coming from?  

There is more?!

I open the stove top to see this.  Ugh barbeque sauce had spilled over and down here.

I was absolutely not thrilled.  However, I do know an easy way to clean it.  Even after several days.  
  1. Take a very wet wash rag and cover the mess.  
  2. Walk away for about 15 minutes.

When you come back, rub the mess.  This is not difficult, and I did not have to put a lot of upper body strength into it.  Nor did I use any smelly chemical cleaner.  Just water.  Obviously this is not finished, but you can already see the difference!

Step 3 - repeat steps one and two.

After about an hour, the stove is clean.

Yeah, it's that easy.  It's not super fast, but with only water and a towel - I will take the little extra time.  It may not have taken so long if I didn't keep getting distracted, but you know how it is being a mom....

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