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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Freezer Meal Swap

I have thoroughly enjoyed making freezer meals.  I love having tons of pre-cooked, frozen dinners ready to heat - and - eat at a moments notice.

However, I don't want to prepare the same chili, enchiladas, or lasagna, every Wednesday before church.  Then again on Thursday before college classes.  And again on Sunday after church.  And again on Monday before scouts.  With my little man wanting to be held all the time right now, budget constraints, time constraints, and a limited number of dishes, I am restricted to how many freezer meals I can make in a day.

The Solution:  A Meal Swap

The idea is really very simple.  You, and 5 friends each make 6 meals (all the same), freeze them, then get together and trade.

See.  Simple.

Sample sign up:

Me: Lasagna
Rachael: Italian sausage soup
Jessica: Chicken pot pie
Mary: Italian Meatloaf
Dawn: Mexican Chicken
Lili: Tortilla Soup

If everyone brings 5 full meals, and trades - you now have 6 (including your own) meals to feed your family!

I have tasted some super yummy, new recipes this way.  We actually started including the recipes since everyone ended up asking for them anyhow.

Anyone is welcome, unless you have food restrictions.  I have no idea how to cook GF.  I could figure it out, but if you have something like that, and no one else does, it can cause issues.  I have seen some people start a swap specifically for food restrictions.

I hope you find this helpful - and can get your freezer full this winter with yummy comfort food.

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