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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Freezer Meals pt 4 - Sausage and Apples

First off, let me apologize for the lack of photos.  Whenever I make this the kids attack the pan!  This is a very simple 2 ingredient, one pan recipe.  I typically triple (or make 10 single batches and freeze in 5 bags) of this dish.  It is a favorite at our house and with anyone who tries it.

Sausage and Apples


Jimmy Dean ground breakfast sausage
Can of Apple Pie Filling

To prepare:
There are two ways to prepare the meat: 1) ground  2) patties.
Cook your meat, drain the grease and cool
Combine apple pie filling with sausage and place in Ziploc bag

To Heat:

Remove contents from bag and place in slow cooker.
Heat on low 2-4  hours, or heat until desired temperature.

If you do not freeze this, just heat until the apple pie filling is bubbly

This has been a family favorite for many years.  It is great for any meal and I never have left overs.  It sounds strange, but the sweet and savory go together very well.  My mom prepares the meat in patties, I however, ground the meat.  I have found that with 3 kids, the meat goes a bit further when ground.

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