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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carnival Birthday Prep work

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun.  Enjoyable.  Memorable.  Not a ton of work.  So why do we, as moms, always go overboard when our children would be happy with a large cardboard box and a few friends?

This year I wanted to surprise my daughter for her "First Double Digit Birthday."  She was making a big deal about turning 'double digits' and my older daughter wanted to throw a surprise party.  This wouldnt be too hard.  Not a first for our crazy family.  

Here is what we did.  The party was so much fun, not incredibly expensive, and all the kids had a blast!

Tic tac toe - very traditional.  We made bean bags out of scrap material, two different colors.

Using old (clean) soup cans we made a can toss.  After super glueing the lids back on, the birthday girl painted the cans.  We used cheap acrylic paint that I knew would chip off. We can repaint them later.  Using a bean bag, we simply stacked them in a tripod and tossed bean bags at them.

An old, free bandana makes great bean bags (stuffed them with dried beans or rice).

Using a washer machine box, we cut one corner to open it up.  the flaps are down on the bottom for support.  After finding 3 photos online, we went to a copier and had them blown up for only $3 each!  They were printed in black and white so we could color them.  My boy scout cut out the face so the kids could stick their face through.  
The side you cannot see is simply decorated with green and purple crepe paper.
Behind the photo booth are props.  You can buy them at walmart for $6 or print them for a few pennies in black and white and attach a cheap straw or skewer.  We printed mustashes, top hats, beards, glasses...... and pulled out a few props from the dress up box.

Decorating the photo booth

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