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Friday, November 22, 2013

Lysol Touchless Soap Dispenser

We do a lot of hand washing in this house.  After picking up dog poo, using the bathroom, touching raw meat, sneezing, coughing, after we have been out anywhere else....  Hands are gross.  When this soap dispenser first came out, I thought "just another thing for the bathrooms."  Gotta say - I kinda like it.  I don't have to wash the soap dispenser every couple of days any more.  The only problem is that I am always buying refills.  They are expensive and hard to find.  I am really surprised at how hard refills are to find.  I can find dispensers all day long, but not refills.  My solution - refill it myself with a cheaper soap.
In order to do this, take the soap container off the dispenser, turn it upside down and CAREFULLY take a butter knife and insert it under the rim of the soap container.  It pops right off.
I take this time to clean the entire thing.  The dispenser and the residue from the lid of the soap container. 

I have noticed that the area where the soap comes out can get clogged when using a thick soap - like sofsoap.  If the dispenser is flashing red, has newer batteries, but wont dispense soap, make sure that the area where the soap comes out is clean and residue free. 
Put in the new soap (I am using a .10 bottle of Palmolive I got on clearance

When the bottle is full again, simply put the lid back on.  Notice where the white sticker thing is.

Make sure that the white sticker is on top of the red-orange spot on the dispenser.

Now your soap dispenser is ready to go.  I wouldn't do this every time, but it works for a few refills.  It is a bugger to get off, but really saves a lot of money.

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