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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Remember when we were kids and eating bowls of sugary sweet cereal EVERY morning? Yum!   

Well, now that I am a mom (and paying the doctor and dentist bills) I am more careful about what the kids and I eat.  I used to live off Cookie crisp and Reese's puffs cereal. I still buy those, but its rare and only as a snack, never a meal.

Well back in February, after a "lock in" at my house, a boy left a box of chocolate Cheerios at my house. 

I thought, hmmm, chocolate cheerios?  The kids and I tried them, they were ok. Not something I would eat every morning. Then I saw an ad for peanut butter Cheerios!   

 Whoah!  It took me about 3 weeks to find a store that actually had them in stock, but when I did we were very excited!  We went home and mixed the box of chocolate and the box of peanut butter cheerios. WOW! 

Cheerios is a brand we all know and love. We give cheerios to our toddlers as a first food. We know they are healthy and are full of whole grains.  Now, they taste like recesses puffs!  Since that first mixing, we have bought 4 boxes of each flavor :)   My kids eat this stuff like they have never had yummy cereal before!  It is sweet, but not so overly sweet that I cant handle 1 or 2 (or 3) bowls at 6 am :)

I also found some yummy recipes at using Chocolate Cheerios.  I bet if I mixed the two flavors together I could create pure bliss!

Update 6/29/12 -

I just bought 4 more boxes each of the choco and pb cheerios, and all over the choco box is "MAKE YOUR CHEERIOS MIX!"  They are giving us flavor combos besides (it wasn't even included!:{ ) chocolate.  I got most of the ideas from their facebook page

Banana Nut + Chocolate = 

Cinnamon burst + Frosted =

Banana nut + Fruity = 

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