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Monday, November 4, 2013

Easiest Face paint Ever

I can't believe that I found these again!!  I used these when my son was small and LOVED them.  I have searched the internet and multiple stores for years looking for these.  I walked into walmart yesterday and found them on an endcap - like they had been there forever.

A simple box of water color pencils.  Being crayola they are safe and non-toxic.

Simply get the pencils wet

Then draw on your face, arm, leg......  It washes off easily with soap and water and is so much less messy than paint.  They don't melt and store easily.  If you dont need them for face paint, they are still map pencils and color (water color pencils!) on paper.

I cant say enough great stuff about these.  I never use them as intended, always as face paint.  We play dress up a lot and the kids thoughly enjoy them

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