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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lego Fish Gift

What do you get for someone who has everything?  We ask this every December and February about my grandmother - the kids great grandmother.  At 84 she has everything she needs and wants.  If she wants it and doesn't have it - she buys it.  Great place to be, but where does that leave us when it's time to give gifts?  Enter a child's imagination.

WARNING: this is a permanent project!!!!!!

A great present to give someone is a fish but if they can’t take care of an animal then this is a great alternative. Items you need are:
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
A bottle/vase/container with a lid
A toy fish (if you use LEGO’s to build a fish then your fish will float)
2 clear rods
A fake plant
A bow

1.      First you will cut the rods to the correct size so the fish will appear to be floating in the water.  We used dowel rods at first, but then realized after the project was done - something clear would have worked much much better.