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Monday, November 25, 2013

Menu Planner

I am forever reading blogs and books and such about home organization.  It is a full -time job to keep a house full of kids, dogs, and friends organized!

One of the suggestions that always comes up, is to create a weekly menu.  This doesn't sound so tough, until you realize that it's difficult to come up with one from scratch that makes sense, is easy for everyone to read, and easy for mom to use weekly.  I have found a few, but they are all in pdf format and I like to personalize my lists (I have a lot!).  So, I am going to share my copy - it is in excel and open for you to alter and change as you see fit for your house :)  This is a photo of it, if you would like a copy, feel free to email me (I don't know how to upload an .xlsx file)

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