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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

National Bring Your Bible to School Day

Disclaimer:  This is not my original post.  This is re-posted from  in hopes to bring awareness to this fantastic event

National Bring Your Bible to School Day

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Last year’s inaugural “Bring Your Bible to School Day” was huge, and this year’s event on Oct. 8 promises to be even bigger.

Just like last year, all 50 states will be represented. But where last year we had about 8,000 students participating, we’re expecting that number to be exponentially higher for the 2015 event.
Think about what God can do through multiple thousands of students, from kindergarten to college, bringing their Bibles to school as a visual way to celebrate religious freedom and share God’s hope with friends!

Christian students face real challenges at school

While students have a right to bring their Bibles to school, some feel pressured to hide their faith. It’s a “cultural censorship” imposed by some public school teachers and administrators.

Other educators may not be aware that students have a constitutionally protected right to bring their Bibles to school. For example, 14-year-old Brytney participated in last year’s inaugural event after reading Focus’ materials explaining students’ rights. When a teacher told her she wasn’t allowed to have her Bible at school, Brytney shared some of Focus’ information with him and was allowed to keep her Bible out. (WatchBrytney tell her story.)

It’s because of Brytney, and so many other students like her, that Focus on the Family sponsors “Bring Your Bible to School Day.” These are kids who love Jesus and who have a real desire to live their faith publicly. They wantto use their free time to read their Bibles and to talk honestly with their friends. All we’re doing is giving them the knowledge they need so they’re empowered to do so.
Influential support for “Bring Your Bible to School Day”

We’re excited that award-winning Christian band Newsboys is joining forces with Focus to help raise awareness of “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and religious-freedom issues this year. You’ll remember the band was featured in last year’s hit movie “God’s Not Dead.” The sequel is coming out next year and will deal directly with living out the Christian faith in public schools.
“Religious freedom is an issue that’s really close to our hearts,” says Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait. “That’s why we’re supporting the thousands of students participating in ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day.’”

Go to the website to see the Newsboys video:

Parents, pastors and church youth leaders: I hope you’ll let the students in your life know about “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and encourage them to pray through this opportunity. It’s an important event not only because it gives Christian public school students a voice, but because it’s a chance for them to share their faith with their friends.

Students: it doesn’t matter if you’re in kindergarten or in college. If your heart is to live boldly for Christ, we’re here to help you and support you. Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal group and longtime advocate of religious freedom in public schools, are also part of this important event. They’ll give you free legal representation if your religious freedom is challenged.

Sign up today!

Students can register to participate in “Bring Your Bible to School Day” online. Free, downloadable guides for students and pastors/parents are also available online at

Follow “Bring Your Bible to School Day” on Facebook and Twitter and find more information at Please help us spread the word using our official hashtag, #BringYourBible.

Finally – please pray for all the students who will be taking a loving and courageous stand for Christ on Thursday, Oct. 8. Pray God will open the doors for them to have grace-filled conversations with their friends, and that they will feel God’s peace as they live out their faith.

Disclaimer:  This is not my original post.  This is re-posted from  in hopes to bring awareness to this fantastic event

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