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Monday, October 12, 2015

Lunch box treats

In my never ending effort to get my children to eat healthy, I have been scouring the web ro find fun, tasty, appealing treats for their lunch. Now mind you, the girls only take lunch on Monday to co op, and my son only packs one on Tuesday and Thursday (this semester) for college. 

I know I have it easier than a mom who packs lunches 5 days a week, or a mom with picky kids.  It is tough to pack a healthy lunch that is also appealing. I have seen the "bento" lunches. I cannot, and will not buy another lunch box. Also, who has time to make each sandwich look like a bear?  Yes, it's cute. No, I dont have time. 

So, I have tried this this week.....

Veggie ring

It was pretty easy to make, and only took a few minutes.  

First: Slice a cucumber, then 'core' it.  I used my apple corer to make it a pretty circle.  

Second: Then julienne (cut into long thin strips) your carrots and zucchini.  

Finally: take a small bundle of your carrots, zucchini, add a green bean or two and stick them through the center of the cucumber.

Note: You could sub many diff veggies in here.

Cucumber Cups

First: Cut your cucumber about an inch thick (this is way way too thin)

Next: core out SOME of the center - I learned the hard way, leave some of the cucumber on the bottom of the "bowl"

Third: Scoop in your egg salad (you can also use tuna or chicken salad)

Finally: Place on a bed of lettuce

My kids all decided they didn't like cucumber - the day I made these!  So they did not go over well.  Good thing it didn't take long to make them.....

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